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Stage 10:Rosalia to Chanute – Day 11

Bill Browne :: Sunday, September 6th, 2009
Heading out of Toronto after Lunch

Heading out of Toronto after Lunch

Today, Sunday, was a pleasant day with only a few surprises.  After arising at the usual time, dressing, packing the van, and eating breakfast, (this is certainly becoming a total routine), we headed to Rosalia to begin the ride at 8:00 a.m. again.  The weather channel predicted heavy fog, which wasn’t visible at the start.  However, it wasn’t too long before we were completely engulfed in the fog, with little visibility.  The up side for the day was that although we climbed over 100′ at the start, we finally headed downhill, resulting in over a 650′ elevation drop for the day getting us down to around 850′ elevation.   A far cry from the 11,500′ at Hoosier Pass.  The benefit of the fog is that it allows you to only see the present and not the future, which can be a good thing if all you see ahead of you is rolling hills, which is what we have experienced for the last several days.  

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