Georgia Street – Construction Progress

Brian Staresnick :: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

If you drive Downtown you are more than likely aware that Georgia Street is all but shut down. Although causing a few temporary inconveniences during construction, the new Georgia Street has ambitious plans to accomodate not only motor vehicles, but new public open space, cafe space, kiosks, and will host a variety of events throughout the year. The redesigned street will be unlike any street in the world. Some streets like Las Ramblas in Spain, or 16th Street Mall in Denver are similar only on the surface (pun intended). One of the coolest components of the new design for Georgia Street is what happens below the surface – the stormwater management chambers. The chambers collect stormwater and allow the water to infiltrate the soil, recharging our aquifers and keeping out the stormwater from overflowing the city’s sewers. The diagram below explains the process of how stormwater is collected throught slots in the boardwalk, sediments are separated in the forebay, and water is allowed to infiltrate the soil in the infiltration basin. 

Break Apart Section of the new Georgia Street

Since the substructure will rarely be seen after construction is complete, I thought I’d share the following image which shows the forebays placed after installation.


I’ll do my best to show updated photos as construction progressing.

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